Audrina Patridge’s Striped Vagina!

We’ve seen Audrina’s boobs before and her bum bum, but we have yet to see her “gentlmen greeter” area….until now. Audrina took her dead eyes and teeth to a photoshoot the other day and was getting out of her Escalade when…oooops…..she exposed a little. Now 99.99999% of people are saying it’s only her underwear she’s showing, but not me. Nope. I’ve always imaged Audrina’s vagina to be multi-colored and striped and that is, in fact, what we see here today. Perhaps the multi-colored vagina is the new “it thing” that all the kids are going to start doing. Aurdina has always been a trendsetter, so this only makes sense.

Audrina’s boobs – Check!
Audrina’s ass – Check!
Audrina’s teeth – Check!
Audrina’s multi-colored striped vagina – Check!
Is there a BINGO in the house? A BINGO in the house? Congratulations! Now come up here and pick up your BINGO prize which is, of course, a troll doll.

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