Audrina Patridge and the Tale of the Dentist Trip



The Lucille Ball of our generation, Audrina Patridge (also known in some circles as “Teefs Pats” not to be confused with her sister “Tats Pats”) was showing off the good old beaver….teeth whist she left her dentist appointment right outside of Los Angeles yesterday.  Personally I think she should have to pay a double co-pay for those chompers to be worked on.  Is it weird that I can picture her laying down in the dentist chair with her mouth open and her eyes looking towards the ceiling? Of course it’s not weird because it’s the same way that Audrina looks while walking around town.  She permanently looks like she’s in a dentist chair at all times.  Ironically enough, Oddy is probably just as articulate when she has dentist tools in her mouth and the dentist is trying to ask her questions, as she is when someone is interviewing her for a magazine.  The only thing that surprises me is at the end of the appointment when the dentist asks her to spit and Audrina doesn’t know how.  I heard she’s a swallower.  Hey oh!  Wait, did I just write a “blind item?”

audrina-dentist-2    audrina-dentist    audrina-dentist-3

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