Audrina Does More Stuff, Shows Teeth

Audrina Patridge. What a national treasure! Audrina was at the Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, CA to show off the new Dodge Challenger. What a treat. Audrina did her part to help promote the new Dodge by doing such things as lifting up a green flag and sticking out her ass. I’d buy one. Her ass, I mean. Even Michelle Trachtenberg was there! How did they ever manage to get her!?

Anyway, in more interesting Audrina news….sorta….TMZ has reported that they overheard Audrina talking to her sister about possibly moving out of Lauren’s guesthouse and how serious things are getting with her and Justin Bobby. It’s like a mini Hills episode outside of a real Hills episode. I’m sure this is all spin, but it does seem a little early for rumors to create buzz around the new season. It doesn’t start for like 70 more sleeps!
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