Uh-Oh! Looks Like Little Michelle Tanner Got Into Aunt Becky's Stuff Agaaaaain!




An indistinguishable Olsen was all “creepy face” as she attended the Tim Burton Tribute at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City the other night.  If Papouli was still alive and knew that his little Michelle was rummaging around in Aunt Becky’s personal makeup collection (from Walgreens) he would be rolling over in his grave.  Oopa!  On the other hand I think it’s outstanding that in today’s tough economic climate even the Olsen Skanks can show how they’re trying to make the best of these tough times by utilizing Kimmy Gibbler’s old wardrobe.  Recycle and pay it forward.  That’s not only the Olsen Way, it’s the American Way. God bless you Mary-Michelle-Kate-Ashely-Tanner-Gibbler-Olsen, bless you.

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