My Own Personal Two-Headed Olsen Monster! Just In Time for the Holidays!




 I do believe in Two-Headed Olsen Monsters!  I do believe in Two-Headed Olsen Monsters! I DO believe!  Indistinguishable Olsen’s were all creeptastic smiles and bug-eyed glares whilst they attended the NYC premiere of “Nine” at the Ziegfeld Theatre last night.  So I’m almost certain that the Olsen Monster on the left snuck into Aunt Becky’s closet and stole her “Wake Up San Francisco” wardrobe and the Olsen Monster on the right glued all of the wigs that John Stamos had to wear while he played Uncle Jesse’s cousin “Stavros” together and made it into a Stavros coat of horror.  But, well, I could be wrong.  Doubtful though.

What ever happen to the cute little Olsen’s?  You remember the cute little Olsen’s, right?  Like the time when Mary-Michele-Ashley-Kate-Tanner-Gibbler-Olsen was sitting in a shopping cart and being pushed around the set of Danny Tanner’s 24-hour telethon by DJ while she sang “Lollipops and Gummibears are my favorite treats….”  Imagine that scene with the Olsen Monster on the right in that shopping cart?  Yowza!  It looks like the Olsen Monster on the left should be pushing that shopping cart….with all kinds of junk in it….and talking to herself….and living under a bridge…..and selling her coochie for meth money…and hot dogs!

Anyyougotitdude, check out some more creepy Olsen photos below.  If you print out these pictures and tape them to your wall, the Olsen eyes follow you as you walk by.  I, um, er…uh, I heard that.  I don’t know for sure.  I gotta go.

olsen-twins-3   olsen-twins-4   olsen-twins-5   olsen-twins

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