Is My Little Olsen Going Grey?



I’m going to be in very big trouble, mister, for saying this, but I think my little Olsen is starting to go grey.  I’m noticing a little skunk patch on the top of the indistinguishable Olsen.  If you recall, Michelle Elizabeth Tanner lost her shiz when she was turning 5 and Danny Tanner and crew weren’t going to update her baby book anymore.  Next thing you know, skank-bag Aunt Becky goes into labor with those horrible twins (Nikki and Alex) and they practically ruin Michelle’s 5thbirthday.  How rude!  Sometimes I forget what I’m even writing when I get into “Full House” mode, but I beam with pride when I can remember intimate details of the episode in question.

Anytroll, Mary-Michelle-Ashley-Kate-Gibbler-Tanner-Olsen attended the Film Independent Spirit Awards over the weekend (for some reason) and even presented an award.  I’m almost certain the award category she presented was, “Best Way to Lose WeightBy Not Eating for 3 Days and Exercising Like Crazy In Order to Fit Into a Bathing Suit for Kathy Santone’s Pool Party.”  The winner, of course, was Donna Jo Tanner. She thanked her “chipmunk cheeks.”  It was a touching moment.

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