I Smell Olsen Sauce

Mary-Michelle-Ashley-Kate-Gibbler-Tanner-Olsen may be trying to blend into the night in her Olsen Camouflage, but I can smell Olsen sauce from a mile away and it smells like day old buffalo wings. Mmmm buffalo wings. Anyway, the Olsen in question (doesn’t matter which one) was attending the “Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Dinner” in NYC just the other night. It’s important to note that while this particular Olsen Slut is not showing any of her big-girl teeth she is smiling with both her lips and her eyes. Yes, that is a pleased Olsen ready to tackle the world! Technically, that’s the best kind of Olsen for all of you who are keeping track at home.

This Olsen is also displaying her hand in a friendly sort of gesture that says to the public “Good evening. I am approachable” while her other hand is placed firmly over her stomach, which says, “A baby would live in here, but the space is currently being occupied by diet pills and undigested Splenda packets.” This Olsen better watch her back because that shadow has been behind her in every single picture. I wonder who it is? Oh wait.

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