Ashley Olsen Has OCD in Mexico

Ashley Olsen (of the famed, “Olsen Sluts”) was sunning her bony little body while enjoying some downtime and vacationing in Mexico. Now, there is a chance that Ashley was enjoying some “adult beverages” because besides the Corona next to her she is actually smiling….yes, smiling. I’m glad she is enjoying some downtime. It must be tiring just being a billionaire. I know I’m exhausted from simply being a multi-millionaire…….sorry I just fell asleep.

Ashley has recently told Bliss Magazine that she has a little Obsessive Compulsive Disorder because she constantly has to rewash her face due to her fear of germs. I suspect that it’s her way of trying to get the “Uncle Joey” kisses off of her from years past, but here’s what Ashley had to say:

“I try to make sure my face is clean. I’m a bit obsessed with washing my face. I’ll wash it, like, four times a day, which means I constantly have to redo my make-up.”

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