Ashley Olsen Borrows From Ant Becky

Uncle Jesse is going to be mad pissed when he finds out that his little “munchkin” took off with Ant Becky’s mink stole and whore boots! Just to top things off she even dyed her hair dark brown to match her twin on the show. Remember that god-awful episode when Michelle Tanner had a twin, which was basically just the other Olsen twin with a black Halloween “fright wig” on? Anybody? Anybody? Just me? Ok.

Anyway, she kinda looks like the Little Whore on the Prairie who struck oil and hauled her ass off the prairie and into the big city. I can’t wait for her to dye her hair “Kimmy Gibbler Red.” That should totally be the name of a crayon. I’m writing a letter to Crayola.

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