An Olsen Eats

Ashley Olsen is spotted eating with a friend in Beverly Hills over the weekend. It could be another Olsen, I have no idea. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen the photos with my own eyes. This is good to see. It also reminds me of that one Full House episode where DJ didn’t eat for 3 days because she wanted to fit into a swimsuit for Cathy Santone’s birthday pool party. DJ almost passed out while at the gym, but Stephanie finally ratted her out to Danny, Uncle Jesse, and Uncle Joey. That day Stephanie really saved DJ’s life because if she kept that behavior up she would have dropped down to a size 16 and could have died. Even though the Olsen’s were too little to remember that episode I’m sure they’ve watched the reruns and know to eat. Good job Ashley-Michelle-Mary-Tanner-Kate-Olsen! You show that salad who’s the boss (another great show, by the way)! Just don’t show off about it!

P.S There’s no new Olsen news. They’re still rich and skinny. The end.
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