An Indistinguishable Olsen Wears the Entire Dining Room Table


Looks like someone hit the jackpot at the “Papouli Checks Out of Earth” funeral yardsale. Oopa!  Mary-Michelle-Ashley-Kate-Gibbler-Tanner-Olsen tossed on Papouli’s old doily and his John Lennon sunglasses (he was a real hit in the 70’s) and headed out to perform victory laps all over the streets of New York City.  Maybe she was looking for Santa so she could give him his boots back? Similar to why Uncle Jesse’s last name changed from Cochran to Consopolis, one may never know.

While my goal in life is to stalk an Olsen, I would like to expand on that because, well, Oprah does tell us to dream big.  I would like to meet an Olsen (any Olsen) and ask her every Full House question I can think of.  In return, with each question, the Olsen is allowed to pummel me with pots and pans.  Oopa!

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