Stephanie Pratt Arrested for DUI. My Money Was on Holly Montag.


Wow.  They will stop at nothing to promote the upcoming crapisode of The Hills!  At least they’re sticking with the theme: Drunken Undeserving Skankasauras’.  According the my friends at TMZ, Stephanie Pratt was arrested in the early morning hours and charged with DUI in happy Hollywood, CA.  I hope Heidi is praying for her. 

According to TMZ, her bail was set at $5,000 or approximately what Frankie Delgado is hoping to get paid per season on The Hills. It has been reported that some drunk bastards outside of “da club” were taking pictures of Stephanie getting cuffed and, well, I’ve already added these alleged pictures on my list to Santa Claus, so hopefully these will surface soon. 

I would have put money on HOlly Ethel Mertz Montag getting busted for DUI since this weeks crapisode of The Hills features HOlly getting trashed on the regular, an episode that I’m hoping makes it into the Hills Hall of Fame.


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