One More Arrest and Michael Lohan Gets His 11th Arrest for Free!


The sky is blue.  Bindi Irwin is a big B.  Birds fly south for the winter.  Homeless women on the street are probably just Tyra Banks in disguise doing a social experiment.  And Michael Lohan got arrested again.  Again.  Again, again, again.  Again.  The classiest of all the Lohan’s, Michael was arrested yesterday after violating the restraining order that his ex-girlfriend, Erin Mueller, issued against him.  Apparently Michael Lohan violated the order by calling Erin on the phone.

Seriously, what’s worse than white trash?  Freckled trash? I think that’s it.  Actually, I’m sure of it.  Michael Lohan is absolute freckled trash.  He’s freckled trash with that dirty orange fake tan that Lindsay uses on her face.  Seriously this guy gets to roam the earth and Anna Nicole Smith is dead?  Sometimes God plays tricks on people.  Screw you, Rusty!

Somewhere in a college dive-bar in Jersey, Dina Lohan is reportedly doing dance spins with her fake weave flying all over the place in celebration.

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