Mess With Charlie Sheen and He'll Totally Break Your Glasses


I didn’t even want to touch the whole Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller hoopla as white-trash with money always seems to irk me.  However I did have to lift my personal ban once I read on TMZ how, according to an affidavit, Charlie Sheen took Brooke Mueller’s eyeglasses and then broke them in front of her.  Geesh, why not just kick a puppy and slap a baby while you’re at it?

According to the TMZ report here are some other disturbing details, allegedly, that went down the night Charlie Sheen was arrested:

  • Sheen used a switchblade-like device to threaten Mueller
  • Police, once arrived, chatted with Sheen in the basement who informed them they were having marital problems and that Mueller “abused alcohol”
  • Mueller threatened to divorce Sheen and take the children
  • Both Sheen and Mueller were arguring that night and both slapped each other on the arm
  • Sheen denies pushing, striking, strangling, or threatening Mueller with a knife
  • Mueller claims Sheen pulled out a knife, held it to her throat and said, “You better be in fear.  If you tell anybody, I’ll kill you”
  • Sheen broke Mueller’s eyeglasses in front of her

So there you have it folks.  He said/she said.  I’m not sure who to believe partially because I don’t know them and partially because I don’t care.  I think it was only recently that I realized that Charlie Sheen is not, in fact, Emilio Estevez.  I always thought it was like that Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson/La Toya Jackson is the same person rumor.

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