Gary Coleman Arrested Yet Again. Yawn.


If Arnold serves time in prison, who will get temporary custody of his goldfish Abraham?  Probably not Dudley as he’ll be busy getting diddled by some weirdo watching dirty cartoons.  Anybain, Gary Coleman was arrested in Utah yesterday and charged with domestic assault.  I swear to God if he put one finger on either Mrs. Garrett or Adelaide I’ll give him the spanking that Mr Drummond decided not to give him after he was caught throwing water balloons over the penthouse balcony!  It’s a shame all the random episodes I remember from Different Strokes.

Gary Coleman, according to TMZ, is being held on $1725 bail (or the equivalent of 6 months of overtime for Gary).  No further details have been provided at this time and, to be honest, once they are I may not update you so, well, let’s just leave the story right here.

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