Dudes Who’ve Been on Celebrity Apprentice are the New “Curse of the Women Who Won an Oscar”


First Jesse James, then Brett Michaels, and now Tito Ortiz.  It hasn’t been the best few months for guys who have appeared on Celebrity Apprentice.  TMZ, the trash barrel reporters, are telling the story that Tito Ortiz has been arrested and posted $50,000 bail yesterday morning for allegedly beating part of the bag out of Jenna Jameson.  Hmm.  Sounds like a fair fight to me.  Loser.

TMZ later caught up with Jenna Jameson at her Huntington Beach home (after she came back from CVS with a brace on her arm) in which she told “reporters” that this is the first time Tito ever laid a hand on her, but it will be the last.  Good for her.  It’s never acceptable to hit a women….except in one case.  And the case I am, of course, talking about is when Michelle Tanner threw her popsicle stick bird house on the floor after she found out that Papouli had died in his sleep.  I always wished that Papouli would have come back to life to slap her in the face for trashing the house like that.  So, that’s the only time it would be ok to hit.  I think.  I’m sure you agree.

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