Bad News. Dead Anna Nicole Smith Won’t Be Getting Any of Howard Marshall’s Money. How Will She Survive? Oh, Wait.


You wantsomemoney?  You likemybody?  Want a Viper?  I can almost hear the ghost of Anna Nicole Smith saying that on a constant loop in my head upwards of 4 days per week.  Anyway, bad news for dead Anna Nicole.  She won’t be getting her hands on her ex-husband’s oil money, so says a Federal Appeals Court.

If you recall, Anna Nicole was in a messy 15 year court battle between the Marshall family over hundreds of millions of dollars.  I mean, who doesn’t remember seeing Anna Nicole on the witness stand fake crying and saying “Screw you, Rusty” while she wiped away “tears.”

Now that the court ruled Anna Nicole’s estate won’t be getting any money I’ll just assume that Virgie will have to fall back on her career of being a female Chris Farley impersonator.  I’m sure that’s lucrative.  Screw you, Rusty!

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