Anna Nicole Watch: Is This a Skit?

Is it just me or is watching the Anna Nicole “news” coverage kinda like a skit? I sorta feel like I’m watching something on SNL, where Chris Farley would be playing Virgie – Anna Nicole’s mother. I was surprised when they allowed cameras into the “court room” that looked more like a conference room. The judge in this case is throwing out one-liner “zingers” left and right and he’s way to relaxed during the case. He literally is sitting way back, slouched down, in his chair. During the lunch break the judge requested that a swab be taken on the inside of Anna Nicole’s mouth for a DNA sample. Seriously, this is like a complete free-for-all. There’s no way I can keep up. It’s almost like going to one of those horrible murder mystery dinners. That’s totally what it’s like.
So, here is my Anna Nicole Question of the Day: Um, can you mourn the death of someone when you are constantly on the Today Show, Good Morning America, ET, Access Hollywood, CNN, Larry King, Extra, Sabado Gigante, etc? It must be hard to mourn when you have hired a camera crew to follow you around. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me. TrimSpa baby!
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