Not on Tyra's Watch, Damn It!


Who dares to cause chaos at Tyra’s America’s Next Top Model try-outs?  Answer me damn it!  At a casting in Midtown (NYC) over the weekend a car overheated and the “models” trying out began to scream there was a bomb and pushed over barricades and ran  for their catwalking-loving lives!  This is actually not a joke.  It really happened.  6 women were injured and 3 people were cited for starting a riot.

Ok, so here’s the part that isn’t funny, but it kind of is.  One girl was quoted as saying, “The girls were running like it was 9/11 Part II.”  Ok, so  you totally know that Tyra put that girl up to it just so any time someone talks about 9/11 Tyra can be like, “I totally relate.  I had my own personal 9/11 that was much worse than the original.”

Wouldn’t it be awesome if this was really just a “test” from Tyra?  Who can walk the fiercest over a barricade when a car explodes?  Now that would be a reason to watch the next season.  I’m surprised Ms. J did come out of the exploding car in high-heels.

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