America’s Next Top Wig Model

There are 5 beautiful girls standing in front of me. I only have 4 wigs in my hand. The girl who is not wearing the fakest wig will return to the house, pack her belongings, and go…home. Eva. You are saved. Your reward? You get to model horrific looking wigs in an insanely random wig magazine that, yes, actually exists.

IBBB received an email from Celeste who informed me that she is half-Filipino, 1/4 Mexican, and 1/4 German. I immediately thought that if she was edible she would give me the shits. Moving on, Celeste received a wig magazine in the mail “by accident” and as she just happened to flip through it she discovered America’s Next Top Model Season 3 winner Eva Pigford modeling some wonderfully realistic wigs. She was nice enough to scan all of these photos and send them to me. Then, however, I realized she didn’t give 2-shits about me as the last line of her email was, and I quote, “I’ve attached some of the pics, Jenny will love this.” “Jenny” if you recall is IBBB’s America’s Next Top Model weekly episode recapper. So “thanks” Celeste for sending this over. I’ll alert Jenny.

Looks like winning ANTM really does change your life. I highly doubt if Eva hadn’t been on ANTM she would have NEVER had the chance to model these wigs. Ever. Tyra saves.

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