America’s Next Top Model 11: The Cartoon!

You know the summer is almost over when Tyra is mustering up enough energy to make herself the center of the next round of America’s Next Top Future Failure Models and Foreclosure! This time around Tyra is apparently making ANTM 11 into some sort of cartoon from the 60’s or the 70’s in which she is magically thin, trim, slim, and about 7 feet taller than everyone else in the photo. Perhaps she’s bringing back Captain Caveman. I mean, Cap’n Cavvvvvvvvveeeee Maaaaaaan!

Of course both “J’s” are in the background. Ms Jay has his/her signature afro that grows during each round of elimination. Mr Jay, evidently, has sprouted breasts. Overall I’m the most psyched to wake up IBBB ANTM resident recapper, Jenny, from hibernation and have her start recapping her ass off come Sept 3rd at 8pm. You hear that Jenny? Get ready!

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