The One With Crystal Bowersox Crying


Well, well, well.  So we meet again.  Now I got more crap about 2 months ago when I asked which week Crystal Bowersox was going to get her teeth whitened.  I mean, I also said that she had a great voice and would probably win the whole thing, but die-hard fans of Bowersox were kind enough to send a death threat or two.  I stand by my superficial judgment of her teeth as I’m almost certain American Idol is a teeth competition anyway.  So there you have it.

Anyringaroundthetub, Crystal Bowersox (or Powerbox, like my sister likes to call her) really cleaned up nicely last night.  The Idol stylists tossed her into a dress that could also be worn at the People’s Choice Awards and they did that thing to her hair that they did to Phoebe from “Friends.”  All kidding aside, she looked good and sounded great.  And when you can combine both of those things magic happens.  I have no idea what that means.

Crystal sang without her guitar or piano and Ryan Seacrest made it seem like she was about to sing without her vocal cords.  Either way, it worked for her.  Her voice is insanely good.  Insanely good.  She almost reminded me of Jewel, but not at all.  Crystal’s song of choice was “People Get Ready” and couldn’t make it through the entire song with breaking down in tears before the very end.  It was reminiscent of when Fantasia cried at the end of “Summertime.”  However, Fantasia waited until the song was over before the tears fell and Crystal started the tearing process with about 10 seconds left of the song.

It was a good moment to see. It made her real.  Sure she said she was emotional because her dad was there and, well, I believe that, but I also believe that all the pressure of everything that is “Hollywood” is getting to her…like it would get to anyone.  She has to deal with Tweet-wars, being the top story on Entertainment Tonight in regards to allegedly threatening to leave American Idol within the first few weeks, and even having to deal with Chatty-Cathy Ryan Seacrest alerting the world that he talked Crystal into not quitting the show.  I’m sure this is all getting to her, but if she can just make it through another month of performances she will be cashing in like nobodies business.

Check out the video clip of Crystal singing “People Get Ready” and then doing a little crying towards the end.

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