Is Fantasia Having a Stroke?

So I thought I’d put on the American Idol last night that all the kids are watching and figured I’d regret it. I didn’t. I’m grateful to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that I put it on at just the right time. Did anyone see Fantasia “perform” last night? Well, I’m pretty sure the stage must have smelled like burnt toast because I think Fantasia was having a mix between a stroke and a couple of seizures while she sang. No joke, Fantasia is the ugliest singer ever. I don’t mean she is ugly and a singer. I mean while she sings, she sings ugly….kinda like people are ugly when they cry…..same thing. Simon’s face was priceless while Fantasia was declaring jihad on stage (as seen above). Enjoy this clip…..while it lasts.
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