Haeley Vaughn: My Pick to Take American Idol

Alright folks, Hollywood Week began on American Idol this week and even though I haven’t seen everyone, I’m making an extremely early pick for my top two on Idol.  My first pick is Haeley Vaughn.  Haeley is just 16 years old from Fort Collins, Colorado and just may be Idols first African American country singer, which I think is awesome.  During her Hollywood audition, Haeley sang “Change” by Taylor Swift and did a kick-arse job.  Chills factor.  She is moving on to the next round and I think if she can make it into the top 24 she’ll go all the way.  She’s definitely unique and my guess is that she can sing other genres besides country.  I mean, I will turn on her in a heartbeat if she does any kind of rendition of “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” or “We Are Family.”  No joke, she’ll be dead to me.  So let’s just hope she makes the right choices.

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