Now Which Week Will Crystal Bowersox Be Whitening Her Teeth?


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update: July 8, 2010: CRYSTAL BOWERSOX NEW TEETH UPDATE!  I repeat, Crystal Bowersox has new teeth.  Alert! Alert! Alert!

Crystal Bowersox has taken to her Twitter account to snap a piggity-picture of her brand new smile, which includes some nice new store-bought teef! Clearly the likes of Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag have been a wonderful influence on Crystal and she’s decided to head out to “el dentist” and fix some of her “problematic” teeth and whiten them while she was at it. Ole!

I got a ton of crap, literally 1 ton, for questioning back on Feb 18th when Crystal would be whitening her teeth.  Well I finally have an answer.  It look 5 months, but it was well worth it.  If new teeth make Crystal feel better then I say good for her.  I also say “new teeth for everyone!”


American Idol’s Crystal Bowersox made it into the Top 24.  Her teeth, however, did not make it into the Top 100.  Seriously, what is up with those brown teeth?  What color is that?  Is this all part of that “hippie”  look that “the kids” are doing these days?  If so, you can still totally brush ’em.  At the least she could use some White-Out on them.  Come on, give ’em a good shellac will ya?  She’s such a talented singer, but the rotten teeth make me want to turn the channel.  I can’t eat when she comes on.  Remember “Frankie” from Real World San Diego?  I couldn’t eat when she was on either because she looks like she leaves a ring around the tub, all whilst stinking like the basement of a church.

Either way, good luck to her and to me.

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