Antonella Barba Licking an Ice Luge

Oh now look how sweet and innocent Antonella Barba can be. For this one time only I will allow Antonella to share the name of Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx and will call her “Saint Antonella Barba de las Box.” It’s nice to see Antonella taking shots off of the ice luge as opposed to taking shots off her face from some other “activities.” Well, it’s not so much “nice” as it is “different.” I also think it’s nice that The Virgin Mary stopped by Antonella’s party. I hope her feet aren’t too cold standing on that ice luge.

Anyway I actually tuned into American Idol to see what would happen with Antonella. Yup, she gets the boot and cries a bit. Then, as always, they make her sing. I love this part. It’s like, “hey you didn’t sing well enough to make it through to the next round, so why don’t sing that horrible song that made people not vote for you? Oh, and try not to choke on those tears as you belt out that terrible song.” Yeah, good luck with that.

As Antonella sang this last song she messed it up like 3 times. Brilliant. Oh well. See you in Maxim or an amature sex tape that will leak its way onto the IntersWebs!
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