Am I Wrong?

As you know, every now and then I like to break off from the celebrity news just to clear my head. Typically, I do this in a “rant,” but this time I’m doing it with a new little segment I like to call, “Am I Wrong?”

Am I Wrong?
  • If I see an adult on a kids bike dressed in jeans and a jacket peddling up the street, I totally think you are an alcoholic that got their license taken away. Am I wrong?
  • When I’m stopped at a street light and kids come running over to my car in their baseball uniforms with a can filled with cash and want me to donate some money, I still think it’s a scam. I totally think it’s their old baseball uniform from last year and they’re going to take my money to go by weed. Am I wrong?
  • When buying a TV I think that the cheaper TV’s don’t have the cables screwed in all the way so that the more expensive TV’s have the clearer picture and make you want to buy them. Am I wrong?
  • It’s totally rude when I send you a Myspace message and you open it, read it, and then don’t respond. It’s Myspace, I can tell when you read my email. It says that you did. I think it’s rude not to respond back. Am I wrong?
  • Are half the stories on Extreme Makeover Home Edition made up? Seriously, each week the stories get worse and worse. It’s only a matter of time before one of the members of the family are killed on the application video just to seem “different” from the rest of the video applications. Am I wrong?
  • Speaking of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, why do the families always seem so shocked when they say “move that bus?” It’s like season 17 of this show. You know that your new house is going to look insane. For a nice twist, I would have the original house leveled and not have a new house built, so when the bus does move, I’d be like…what? We didn’t finish your house….and we’re leaving. Good luck to ya. Am I wrong?
  • Why are guys jeans getting so small. I’m not getting bigger. The jeans are getting smaller and tighter. Seriously, they’re like trying on spandex. I don’t want skin-tight jeans. I don’t want baggy jeans. I just want normal jeans. Am I wrong?
  • How is Fergie famous? No really, why? Am I wrong?
  • Why do people still type LOL? I miss the days of “haha” Why can’t be go back to those days? I don’t need to know you are “laughing out loud.” If you type “haha” I certainly don’t think you are laughing without making noise. I know it’s out loud. Stop the LOL. Am I wrong?
  • If you’re driving an old station-wagon with wood paneling really slowly through a neighborhood, you’re a molester and/or kidnapper. What, am I wrong?

That’s all. Thank you.

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