Am I Wrong? Possibly.


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Back by popular demand is another fresh segment of IBBB’s “Am I Wrong?” Sometimes it’s nice to stray away from Hollywood and really think about some stuff. Yeah, stuff. Deep.

  • Why do they pick the most ridiculous person on the street to interview during a news story?  Said person usually is missing a few teeth, has their hair in knots, and answers almost anything but the question asked.  The reporter asks them about what they think about Healthcare Reform and the random street person is spewing out all sorts of information about electing Obama for President, taxes, secondhand smoke, and their daughter’s recital.  If I wanted to hear complete nonsense from an “expert” on the dirty street I’d just yell into an empty dumpster and wait to hear my echo.  Am I wrong?
  • I have an idea!  Stop asking me if I got a haircut because, guess what, I did.  And you wanna know how you can detect if I got my haircut without having to ask me?  You just need to use your eyes and then, wait for it…wait for it…wait for it….look up at my hair.  The dead giveaway is if it’s shorter than when you saw me the previous day.  I don’t ask you, “Did you have a big lunch today?” because I can already tell you did simply by looking at you and your fat ass.  It’s called being polite.  Try it.  Am I wrong?
  • Can someone explain to me how they price food these days?  Because when I go to the drive-thru I can choose about 20 items from the dollar menu, but if I want those same items with fries and Coke it costs like $10.00.  Is the dollar menu last weeks food?  I’m fine if it is, I just think you should be transparent about it.  And how the hell is a chicken sandwich only $1.00?  Really, how?  I can’t even buy a bottle of water for $1.00 and like 75% of the earth is just flowing with free water.  Am I wrong?
  • Tissues have been around for, what, hundreds of years?  You mean to tell me they haven’t developed better “technology” that can make the plastic at the top of the box a little sturdier so that after pulling out the 5th tissue it completely stretches out and I’m forced to try and jam my entire hand into the box (giggity) just in hopes that my finger tips can slightly graze a piece of tissue and pull it up to the top of the box like I’m trying to rescue Baby Jessica from that God damn well?  Fix this.  Am I wrong?

Well that concludes another segment of “Am I Wrong.” Am I Wrong was brought to you by “Milk” and the letter “2.”

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