…In Other News…

Tyra Banks can even make someones lost sandal ALL ABOUT HER. While Tyra was hanging out with her audience before the taping of her show she found a shoe on the ground, grabbed a megaphone, yelled “roll ’em” and the cameras taped Tyra being all “Tyra.” While it may just be a sandal it is a platform for Tyra to talk about Tyra and the Tyra show and Tyra’s reality show and, oh yeah, “Tyra.” Tyra. In other non-Tyra news…

~ Casting the Anna Nicole Story. I say Chris Farley plays Virgie. ~ CelebritySmack
~ Katie Holmes Draws Dresses Like Lauren Conrad Does ~ DListed
~ Sober Lindsay Lies, Drunk Lindsay Doesn’t ~ HollyScoop
~ Reason #563 Why Jared Leto is an Asshole ~ MollyGood
~ Pussycat Dolls Looking For More Bad Singers ~ PopBytes
~ Jay Z Gets Even Richer ~ NinjaDude
~ Eva Longoria Talks Too Much ~ GabSmash
~ Angelina Plays Voodoo ~ Yeeeah!
~ Zach Braff Has My Career…Not My Money ~ EvilBeet

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