…In Other News…

Wanna see Heidi’s boobs from “The Hills?” No you say? Well if Playboy has anything to do with it, you’ll totally see her boobs. Heidi has been offered $1 million to show a little rack-attack. Well her boyfriend, Steve Sanders, is spreading this rumor to anyone and everyone who will listen. Really? $1 million? If Heidi could promise Playboy that she will show up with an entirely new head, I think it will be worth the $1 million. As a side note, Lauren Conrad’s younger sister, Breanna, was offered $14.95 to be on the cover of “The Weekly Reader.” In other news..

~ Lauren Conrad is a Lohan Replacement, Minus the Freckles ~ DListed
~ Jessica Biel’s White Trash, No Really ~ DrunkenStepFather
~ Jodie Foster’s Nylon Bum ~ NinjaDude
~ A-Fraud and Wife Spotted in Boston. Haha Good Luck There Buddy ~ CelebritySmack
~ Christina to Strip it Up? ~ AgentBedHead
~ What is a Nicky Hilton, Really? ~ Yeeeah
~ Enrique Can’t Sleep. Ok. ~ POTP
~ Rhianna Thinks Crack is Wack ~ Glunp
~ Justin Guarini is Still Alive ~ EvilBeet

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