Ramona Breaks News That Alex Isn’t Rich. In Other News, the Terrorists are Trying to Kill Us.

In keeping with Real Housewives “news”, Ramon Singer (the housewife I would most like to knock over a 7-11 with) catwalked her way onto the Wendy Williams Show which, sadly after Oprah and Tyra leave, is the future of daytime television (cue world implosion), to talk about the new season of Rel Housewives and how everyone basically hates each other.  However, my favorite part is at the end where she let’s the scripted cat out of the scripted bag that Alex would be voted most likely to be pretend to be rich, but actually not have any money.  Well, I said that, but Ramona confirms it.

I love how when asked questions Ramona looks like she’s having seizures all over the couch.  And why the hell does she never finish one sentence before starting the next sentence?  It’s like she has slurred tourettes!  I still love her though, as I typically do love me some crazy.

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