The Hottest Toys Your Kids Are Asking Santa For This Christmas 2017

Best New Toys for Christmas 2016 - Hot Must-Have Toys Into 2017 for Boys and Girls

Ugh, it’s officially that time of year.  I mean, awesome it’s officially that time of year!  There are literally thousands of toys your kids are going to be screaming into Santa’s ear (after they throw a fit for having to wait in line at the mall for 2-hours) or scribbling down on their Christmas list, so we’ve narrowed it down to the ones that are the most popular and must-haves of the 2017 into 2018 Christmas season.  Why not stay on-trend and ahead of the curve all at the same time?

Plus: The Top Selling Toys from Toys R Us and Amazon Wish List

1.  Fisher-Price Code and Learn Code-a-Pillar – Buy It Here $40  (or Amazon)

Best Toys 2016: Code-a-Pillar for Christmas 2017

Shop Now: $40

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2.  Hatchimals by Spin-Master – Buy It Here For $60 (or Amazon)

Best Toys 2016: Hatchimals - Where to Get Them Online

This is the #1 gift on every kids Christmas list this year.  Introducing “Hatchimals.”  One of the most popular toys at the 2016 Toy Fair, your child will have to take care of the egg long enough until it “hatches” and a little combo-animals comes out of it.  They’ll then take care of the “Hatchimal” through three stages of life until is learns to sing “Happy Birthday” to you.  For real.  Choose from an owlcorn, penguala, draggle, burtle, or bearakeet!

Shop Now: $60

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3.  Selfie Mic Music Set – Buy It Here For $20

Best Toys 2016: SelfieMic Music Set 2017

Now your kid can make their own music videos with this selfie-mic that attaches to your/their smartphone.  It’s like karaoke is brought to a whole new annoying level.

Shop Now: $20

4.  Cozmo the Interactive Toy Robot by Anki – Buy It Here For $180

Cozmo Toy robot 2016 best toy ideas

The most popular robot of the season, Cozmo shows emotion, recognizes your face, learns to flip and carry blocks, plays games, helps your kid with fun engineering-like tasks, and even snores when he sleeps (for a short period of time, phew!).  Plus, his little robot voice is so cute!

Shop Now: $180

5.  Trolls ‘Hug Time’ Poppy Doll – Buy It Here For $50 (or Amazon)

Best Toys 2016: Trolls Hug Time Poppy Christmas 2017

The cutest toy from everyone’s favorite movie, Trolls.  Poppy loves hugs at all times and says 25 different lovable phrases.

Shop Now: $50

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6.  The New Furby Connect – Buy It Here For $99 (or Amazon)

Best Toys 2016: New Furby Connect Toy 2017

Furby is back!  But did it ever really leave?!  New and improved, Furby Connect has 150 different expressions, speaks Furbish (which you’ll be translating), needs to be taken care of and loved, and so much more!

Shop Now: $99

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7.  Little Live Pets ‘Snuggles My Dream Puppy’ Playset – Buy It Here For $50

Best Toys 2016: Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy

The cutest interactive puppy ever!  You can name him/her, cuddle them, feed them, pet them and pretend it’s the real thing…without all the messy cleanup or having to take them for a walk outside in the middle of the night!

Shop Now: $99

8.  The ‘Speak Out’ Game by Hasbro – Buy It Here For $25

Best Toys 2016: Speak Out Game 2017

This is the board game of 2016!  Simply put the mouth pieces in your mouth, grab a card, and try to “speak out” what phrase is on the card while your team tries to guess exactly what you’re ‘trying’ to say.  So, so funny.

Shop Now: $25

9.  PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality) for Sony PS4 – Buy It Here For $399 (or Amazon)

Best Toys 2016: Playstation VR

Definitely a splurge gift, but so well worth the money.  Perfect for the gamers in your life (of all ages), the virtual reality can become so “real” that your intuition actually takes over.  Technology at its best.

Shop Now: $399

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