The New Teddy Ruxpin is Slated to Be the Hottest Christmas Toy This Year

He’s back baby!  It’s been a minute, but Teddy Ruxpin is slated to hit the shelves on August 1st.  Now if you’re of a certain vintage, you might remember this fellow from yesteryear – 1985 to be exact.  It’s good (still scary?) to see him again, and truth be told he hasn’t aged a bit.   This version is geared toward a generation who’s figured out by 1st grade that they can get Alexa to do their math homework.  You know what they say, everything old is new again and it’s time to see if this son of a gun has stood the test of time.

At first glance, he sparks the nostalgia of the good old days – simpler times.  We may not have been as tech savvy as this generation, but we did the best with what we had.  Remember putting the Guns N’ Roses Appetite For Destruction cassette into Teddy Ruxpin and basking in our level of genius?  While this generation will never experience that thrill, they can experience the uncertainty of being read to by an animatronic bear.  Is this fun or weird?  We’ll never know!  Plot twist, it’s both.

Today’s Teddy Ruxpin is still regarded as magical, so it’s obvious he’s still demanding our respect.  He’s still telling tales and singing songs, so not much has changed there.  But here’s where he’s more relatable to a generation that shoots out of the womb with an iPod in their hands.  He’s embedded with technology-laden LCD eyes that react and express (concern?) emotions.  And since we all need everything yesterday, kids don’t have to wait for him to finish a story or song if they’re over it.  A tap of his logo will fast forward, while his paw sensors will have him telling stories on the double – or make him zip it.  But here’s the advancement we’ve all been waiting for.  He’s Bluetooth ready and like the Kardashians, he has an app!  What’s a toy today if you can’t sync it?

Kids can use the free app to view digital books along with their pal, or go old school and just listen while gazing into his LCD eyes.  He comes with 3 Teddy Ruxpin original stories, but fear not – you can purchase more with the app.  We see you Teddy Ruxpin.

The New Teddy Ruxpin for 2017 – Buy It Here For $100  

Teddy Ruxpin

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