…In Other News…

Lauren Conrad and Audrina (insert last name which I don’t know) were on their “Promote the Piss Out of The Hills in Anyway We Possibly Can and To Anyone Who Will Listen” tour and landed at TRL the other day. Look at the way they are lovingly hugging eachother. That is a hug, right? Wait, what the hell is that? That’s the embrace you give someone if you’re both trapped in the middle of the ocean and your boat overturned and you’ve been tredding water for 45 minutes and waiting to be rescued so you “hug” the other person in order to allow you to stay afloat and “to hell” with the other person if they end up drowning. Anyway, they were promoting The Hills. In other news…

~ Helen Hunt is Alive. Her Ass Isn’t. ~ DSF
~ Mariah Carey Smells Like a Campground ~ CelebritySmack
~ Dress Like Amy Winehouse. Meth Not Included. ~ AgentBedHead
~ Nip/Tuck Starts Up in October. Set Your TIVO Today. ~ Popbytes
~ Paris Hilton Had a Rash ~ Yeeeah
~ Jessica Biel Wears Underpants ~ FatBack
~ Remember When the VMA’s Were Good? Here are the Nominees. ~ EvilBeet
~ Britney Spears Whoreathon ~ NinjaDude
~ Beyonce Makes More Money ~ POTP
~ Lauryn Hill Continues to Be All 6’s and 7’s ~ Dlisted
~ Britney Underpants ~ CityRag

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