The Sorta Almost Weekly ‘ImRad Awards’


That’s right folks, it’s time for another sorta almost weekly edition of the ImRad Awards.  For those of you who forgot from the other week what this is all about click here to learn what the F this is all about.  Now let’s get down to both brass tax and brass tacks.  Here’s my top 5 favorite IBBB reader comments from the last weekish in no particular order.  Oh wait, it’s my top 5.  And the pointless winners are…

5.  Raquel – P.S. Lightning bolt vagina! ~ In Reference to 16 & Pregnant

4.  Penelope – Danielle’s Mom was smokin’ hot, hillbilly-style. I want to be best friends with her. ~  In Reference to 16 & Pregnant

3.  Little Suzy – So, I’m at Bob’s Discount Furniture last night, looking at sofas. We’re standing in front of a leather one and my husband says “what do you think of this one?” I just sorta stammered “that’s a puffy leather couch – the poors have those.” In other news I am getting divorced maybe…. ~  In Reference to Puffy Leather Couches

2.  dacabsarehere – Hey mother-truckers, i’m FULL “ginge” and I will go FULL ginga-ninja on yo asses! Lol. You better not be “hating” on me or little saggy-eyed Francois because we crisp in the sun-light, tend to be more of a bleeder than most and relate to Lohans uncomfort with the term “firecrotch”.  ~  In Reference to Francois on Real Housewives of NYC

And the #1 comment of the week is…

1.  Claire – What the hell happened to Farrah?! She now resembles the local “can man” where I live. All she needs is a few holes in that cardigan, a rickety DUI bike, and a trash bag filled with cans thrown over one shoulder while she rides with one hand along train tracks.  ~ In Reference to the Teen Mom Commercial About Cuddling

Congrats, Claire, on your award.  Take the weekend off.  Thanks to all who contributed.  If this website wasn’t held together with sugar-water, popsicle sticks, and hope I would have some form of a voting function but, let’s face it, the fact that simply reading this hasn’t set the Internet on fire is an award in itself.  Ole!

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