The Sometimes Weekly “ImRad Awards!”


That’s right folks, it’s time for another sorta almost weekly edition of the ImRad Awards.  For those of you who forgot from the other week what this is all about click here to learn what the F this is all about.  Now let’s get down to both brass tax and brass tacks.  Here’s my top 7 favorite IBBB reader comments from the last weekish in no particular order.  Oh wait, it’s my top 7 (because I’m behind).  And the pointless winners are…

7.  Nika – I’ve stop watching the RH’s, thank you for taking a steak for the team and recapping this scripted sh*thole for us.  ~ In Reference to RHONYC

6.  MJ – I have no idea what they plan to rehash on the reunion show. “How did you feel about the redone home comment? Was it over the line?” “Caroline, would you have thrown the sprinkle cookies out?” This season is one big snooze fest.  ~ In Reference to RHONJ

5.  Joyce – You know you’re too young to have a baby when your obstetrician asks what time you get out of school.  ~ In Reference to 16 & Pregnant

4.  Whit – Oh, and if some half exposed pregnant chick showed up to my house on Halloween expecting candy, I’d totes dump a bunch of condoms in her empty, stained pillowcase.  ~ In Reference to 16 & Pregnant

3.  That’s What She Said – Caroline Manzo’s show reminds me of the time the Saved by the Bell gang had a Teen Line…”Teen Line, this is Nitro” and they used fake British accents and such.  Also, I loved how they showed Kath coming up to the door through the window and she looked like a Smooth Criminal….Kathy are you ok? Kathy are you ok? Are you ok Kathy?  ~ In Reference to RHONJ

2.  dacabsarehere – …I feel so concerned for Ramona. We all know if Mario is in fact cheating Team dark-crotch is going to have a field day. Which is ironic enough seeing Countless got ditched by an elderly dude, Cindy Lou Joanie Jett dates dudes that appear to be on the sex offender registry, Kelly probably can’t remember if she was married and Jill, the only one who actually has a husband has no room to talk because legit, Bobbie looks like Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder and I’m beginning to wonder if he has a learning disability as he’s never aloud to complete a full thought. Oi vey, Team Pinot all the way.  ~ In Reference to RHONYC

And the #1 comment of the week is goes to…

1.  QueenofCorona – I wanted to reach through the tv and curb check Allie’s mom. She’s exactly like my stepdaughters deadbeat worn out whore of a “mom” who also lives in a different time zone than her kids. “Sorry pumpkin, I can’t come to your birthday party this year. Mommy’s fifty year old boyfriends dick isn’t gonna suck itself.”  ~ In Reference to 16 & Pregnant

Congratulations!  If this site wasn’t run by mice on a meth binge I’m sure fireworks could shoot out from my exclamation points.

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