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It’s IBBB Mega Reader Appreciation Day (or ImRad as “the kids” will one day call it)!  What is this day, you ask?  Well first I’m inclined to say “none of your damn business” but then I remembered if I didn’t answer the question many of you would be lost and, well, you know who you are.  As much fun as I have writing this blog week after week I’ve come to figure out that many of your comments make me do the laughing out loud that’s all the rage in a 90’s Internet chatroom.  Therefore, nevertheless, whereas, and hereto I’ve decided to pick some of my favorite comments of the week and choosing one ImRad Winner of the Week.  Is this exciting?  I’m almost already over it.  And, remember, if your comment wasn’t chosen it doesn’t mean you didn’t win, it just means that you lost.  Drum roll please….

5.  PainfulToWatch: “Why is it that every Teen Mom has a fat friend to talk to?” ~ In Reference to 16 & Pregnant

4.  Penelope: “Sondra and Denise were both white chicks. There. I said it.” ~ In Reference to 16 & Pregnant

3.  QueenofCorona: “What exactly is Alex “modeling” for? An adult scoliosis campaign? I constantly find myself correcting my posture whenever she’s around.” ~ In Reference to RHONYC

2.  DaCabsAreHere: “If I’m watching this shit-storm of a show, I want to see someone getting yelled at in a prom dress, tossed down a flight of stairs or demanding someone buy them a pick-up. Otherwise, snoozefest.” ~ In Reference to 16 & Pregnant

And the #1 comment of the week is…..

1.  That’s What She Said: “Ramona looked like she was trying to stomp out cigarettes all the way down the runway. Ross Gellar be praised!” ~ In Reference to RHONYC

Congratulations “That’s What She Said!”  You win nothing.  Although now you can tell all your friends that you’re a winner in a losers game.  Don’t let this get to your head.

That concludes the First Weekly ImRad Awards.  See you next week.

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