And the ImRad Award Goes To….


That’s right folks, it’s time for another sorta almost weekly edition of the ImRad Awards.  For those of you who forgot from the other week what this is all about click here to learn what the F this is all about.  Now let’s get down to both brass tax and brass tacks.  Here’s my top 5 favorite IBBB reader comments from the last weekish in no particular order.  Oh wait, it’s my top 5.  And the pointless winners are…

5.  AlwaysSunny – Just wait til Milania has her First Communion. You know she’s gonna get up there and the priest will be like “body of christ” and Milania will yell out “fabulousss!” instead of “Amen.”  ~ In Reference to RHONJ

4.  QueenofCorona – Why drink apple juice with Allegra????  Cuz OJ kills!  Ba dum bum ching!  ~  In Reference to “Am I Wrong”

3.  SimplySarah – As an Italian-American born and raised in North Jersey, I could see this fight happening in my family. Only difference is the Baptismal party would take place in a backyard, my one aunt would be wearing sweatpants inside out, and the Zinfandel would be flowing.  ~  In Reference to RHONJ

2.  Claire – Everyone looks like they’re sticky to the touch and smell like 2 skunks f*cking in an onion patch.  ~  In Reference to 16 & Pregnant

And the #1 comment of the week is goes to…

1. Katie – I had a hard time getting past the point that Super Mario refused to cross the street to see his daughter. I guess crossing the street is only for chickens and women who have had their vagina explode.  ~  In Reference to 16 & Pregnant

Congratulations Katie!  If the world ends tomorrow you will die proud.  Also, see you all in hell.

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