…In Other News…

Remember when you were little and made your very first goal on your new team and your picture was in US Weekly? Yeah, me either. David Beckham scores a goal and suddenly it’s breaking news. In other breaking news…

~ Kimberly Stewart Tries to be Relavent ~ CelebritySmack
~ Britney White-Trashes up Allure Magazine ~ AgentBedHead
~ CelebrityBaby Pictures ~ CityRag
~ Lilly Allen Buys Underpants ~ DSF

~ Another Dancing Show Picks a Dancing Winner ~ EvilBeet
~ How ‘Bout Some Anna Faris Ass? ~ FatBack
~ Rihanna Has a Dead Animal On Her Heah ~ PopBytes
~ America’s Next Top Model Follow Up ~ POTP
~ Is Pink’s Marriage Taking a Dirt Nap? ~ Yeeeah

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