The Funniest Hills Recaps Ever

We will never forget our love for all things "The Hills." Read through our favorite Hills recaps of all time!

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The Hills Series Finale Recap: So That Ending Was Specifically For Me, Right?

Join Me on Facebook! I have no words.  Ok, I have a few.  I’m feeling many mixed emotions now that The Hills is over and I’m having a hard time articulating exactly how this makes me feel.  I researched the brilliance of William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Socrates, and Aristotle to help me find the […]

The Hills Recap: The One Where the Producers, Writers, and Directors All Give Up

Join Me on Facebook! Remember on The Hills when LC and Heidi’s friendship was on the fritz and Heidi was going to move out and no one knew if they would be friends again and it was really interesting to watch the drama unfold?  Yeah, well that’s just a distant drunken memory because now we’re […]

The Hills Recap: Costa Rica, Where the Sun Never Shines.

Join Me on Facebook! Here’s what went down, last night, on The 100th episode of The Hills (sorry): Ay yi yi yi yi!  Grab your maracas if you’ve got ’em because all the kids from The Hills have taken time off from their strenuous jobs and have headed to Costa Rica, which I believe is […]

The Hills Recap: Happy 25th Birthday, Teefs!

Sellout Opportunity: Vote for Me Here for MTV TJ (just fill out @ibbb).  Back to your regularly scheduled programming… The Hills has been on for about 15 years and Audrina is just turning 25?  Was she a fetus when they cast her?  A fetus with beaver teeth, of course.  This time around the whole gang […]

The Hills Recap: The One Where Lo and Steph Go Food Shopping (Yup)

Join Me on Facebook! Welcome back to your weekly Hills recap!  Here’s what went down last night on another crapisode of The Hills: We kick things off with Stephanie, Lo, and Audrina sitting around talking about the war, taxes, health care reform, and the rising homeless situation in America.  I’m kidding.  They’re talking about Steph’s […]

The Hills Recap: Why is Allie Lutz in Our Lives?

Like These “Hills” Recaps? Check Out Some More Recent Reality Show Recraps! Join Me on Facebook! Heidi and Spencer are still missing.  I’m busy hanging up “missing” signs on all the telephone poles, but here’s what went down on the latest crapisode of The Hills: Kristin and Stacie the Pointless Bartender are getting their hair […]

The Hills Recap: The Return of Justin Bobby!

Join Me on Facebook! Like a slow motion car accident you start to brace yourself in preparation for the big hit and it seems like it takes forever before you actually smash into the car in front of you….here is what what down on last nights crapisode of The Hills: “Friends with benefits” is the […]

The Hills Recap: Meet McKaela (aka LC 2.0)

Join Me on Facebook.  You’ll Hate It! That’s right folks.  It’s time for another episode of The Hills.  Will Audrina not smile whist talking?  Will Lo get interesting?  Will Heidi and Spencer melt and conjoin in the hot LA heat?  Will Kristin makeout with Stacie?  All of these things are not answered on last nights […]

The Hills Recap: The Matrix is Safe. Whatever it is, Heidi is Apparently Not in It. So, Rest Easy America!

Join Me on Facebook! Well it’s time for another crapisode of The Hills.  Like a homeless holding a cardboard box sign with a lot of writing on it, I just can’t not stop and look at it.  Here’s what went down last night on The Hills: We kick things off with HOlly Ethel Mertz Montag […]

The Hills Recap: Happy Pointless Birthday, Enzo!

Join Me on Facebook!  Spread the Word! Annnnnd we’re back to Enzo.  Just when we thought it was safe to ride the drug wave with Kristin we are heading back into “Enzo territory.”  Enzo, which I believe is Spanish for “anyone gets to be on this show,” is getting a birthday party planned by Heidi […]