50+ Teen Mom 2 Recaps, Episode Guides and Constant Yelling from Barb


Get all caught up on your favorite Teen Mom trash-bags like Jenelle, Leah (y'all!), Chelsea (her orange head) and Kail (minus her chin).

Teen Mom 2 Recap: The One Where Everyone Fights (Duh!)


Hey y’all it’s time for another crapisode of “Teen Mom 2:  Now With More Commercials!”  Personally I love all the commercial breaks, as it provides me enough time to look out my window and ponder what it is I’ve actually done with my life to get me to the point where I am not only […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Takes a MUCH NEEDED Vacation


Is it just me or is it tough having Teen Mom 2 air on a Thursday night?  I’m tired by the end of the week and can barely stay up.  That could be because I’m over 85 years old, but let’s not split the remaining hairs on my head.  Either way, we begin with Kail […]

Teen Mom 2: The One With the Antique Vanity…For Some Reason

teen mom 2 recap 7-9-2015

>> Follow Me on Facebook and Twitter << That’s right folks, Teen Mom 2 is back!  I added the exclamation point because I’m trying to trick my mind into being excited about this.  Here’s the thing, I thought this show had its “series finale” 6 times already.  At this point Jace is a father of 2 […]

Teen Mom 2 Season Finale Recap: Who Wins Jace?


Teen Mom season finale time! Drink every time Jace flinches at the sound of voices. #TeenMom #TeenMom2 — IBBB (@ibbb) October 2, 2014 Vee and Jo should keep talking so Issac can finish climbing that tree by himself and hijinks can ensue #TeenMom #TeenMom2 — IBBB (@ibbb) October 2, 2014 Kail thinks Issac should have […]

Teen Mom 2: Guess Who from Teen Mom Joined My Live-Tweet Recap?


I may or may not be drunk live tweeting Teen Mom. Join me? #TeenMom #TeenMom2 — IBBB (@ibbb) September 18, 2014 Even though Jenelle is due any day I think she can still fit in one last abortion! #TeenMom #TeenMom2 — IBBB (@ibbb) September 18, 2014 oh hi jenelle #TeenMom #TeenMom2 — IBBB (@ibbb) September […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: The One Where Everyone Has Roid Rage


Almost time for Jenelle's baby shower. I'm guessing sliced Walmart deli meat, kool-aid and regret. #TeenMom2 #TeenMom — IBBB (@ibbb) September 11, 2014 RT if you're following along with the IBBB live tweet. RT twice if that made me sound like a tool. #TeenMom2 #TeenMom — IBBB (@ibbb) September 11, 2014 A wine and steak […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: 30 Reasons Why Barb is Yelling This Time


I’m ready to give some teenage mothers some attention. Whoever retweets me the most for next hour gets a special msg! #TeenMom2 #TeenMom — IBBB (@ibbb) September 4, 2014 Barb is back in blue! It’s like olden days when Barb was slicin’ deli meat and yelling at people. So same/same #TeenMom2 #TeenMom — IBBB (@ibbb) […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: 30 Things You Missed Last Night


I'm ready to talk about non-teenage mothers in 4 minutes. #TeenMom #MTV — IBBB (@ibbb) August 28, 2014 When Adam's in jail, drag racing takes on a whooooole new meaning #TeenMom #MTV — IBBB (@ibbb) August 28, 2014 Chelsea is morphing into a Fraggle right before my very eyes #TeenMom #MTV — IBBB (@ibbb) August […]

Teen Mom 2: Suzi is BACK and Could Most Likely Go for a Sixer of Zima


Suzi is BACK this episode and I'm at exactly 4,000 followers. This is like when Jesus turned water into Zima Lite #TeenMom2 # MTV — IBBB (@ibbb) August 21, 2014 I'm glad Chelsea has her license so she can officially turn everyone in her Dakota a firery ginger #TeenMom2 #MTV — IBBB (@ibbb) August 21, […]

Teen Mom 2: Leah is Almost Off Hard Drugs and 40 Other Tweets


Live-Tweeting #TeenMom2 in 15 minutes Retweet everything I write or the #terrorists win! — IBBB (@ibbb) August 7, 2014 I missed last week, but think I'm all caught up…Leah is addicted to Tums, right? #TeenMom2 #MTV — IBBB (@ibbb) August 7, 2014 Aubree is totally an accomplice in her "daddy drives lawsuit." Moreover, her mom […]