Rihanna SideBoob Friday!

Happy Rihanna SideBoob Friday! It’s kinda like Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday, but for degenerate skanks. You’re welcome. Anyway, Rihanna (insert tired umbrella joke here ___) was going right to skank in the recent issue of FHM magazine, but I believe it’s for the FHM in Germany. Hell it could be the Canadian edition….I have no […]

Breaking News: Britney Shows Sideboob

Sure Paris Hilton may be out of the slammer, but by now that’s old news. While the paparazzi were flashing their bulbs at Paris, somewhere across town Britney was flashing her “bulbs” at the paparazzi. It’s been a while since we’ve seen any celebrity sideboob so I’m glad that Britney has really stepped up to […]

Lindsay Lohan Shows Side-Boob

Sometimes when I’m rushed I forget to put on pants and just head to work like that. What? Life’s tough. Lindsay No Pants did remember her pants, this time, but forgot her bra and forgot to button her shirt while she was leaving her hotel in NYC. Toss in a light breeze and Lindsay ends […]