I Can’t Not See Kristen Wiig

I can’t.  Every time I see Snatchy Leak Kissit and Honda Codpiece all I can think of is Kristen Wiig and my love for her.  Did I ever tell you that time I ran into her and what I said?  Oh, of course I did.  Anyway, Snatchy Leak and Honda were all creepy smiles at […]

Kathy Lee Impressions Still Crack Me Up

Every once in a while, SNL pleases me. This was one of those times.

Kathy Lee Gifford at “The Ivy” Because, You Know, That Was Expected?

If you paid me $10,000 to guess who was at The Ivy yesterday and gave me 45,839 guesses, I would have never guessed Kathy Lee Gifford. I’m so pissed. I’m going to be in LA this time next week and like the celebrity stalker I am I will, of course, sit my fat ass down […]

Worst. Lunch. Ever.

No joke, this would be one way to keep me from eating lunch. Snatchy Lee Gifford and Fran Dresshits hosted a lunch at the Friars club in NYC yesterday. Seriously can you imagine the awkward schtick these two would be doing? I imagine a lot of loud cackles and strange eye twitches. Snatchy Lee will […]

Snatchy Lee Gifford on The Today Show?

Since The Today Show is apparently up to 16 consecutive hours, so NBC executives need to staff the absolute piss out of every hour with rambling hosts. One of the people that may in the running towards becoming Today’s next top host is Kathy Lee Gifford. Snatchy Lee is up for one of the co-hosts […]

Kathy Lee Blows, Literally!

Do you ever wonder what happened to Kathy Lee Gifford? If you’re like me and have lost sleep at night wondering what happened to her, you’re in luck! Kathy Lee has been very VERY busy. She’s been blowing bubbles, helping other people blow bubbles, and…er…that’s about it. It looks like she’s finally catching up with […]