Getting to Know YOU! Oh, and YOU are Nuts.

I present to you another installment of Getting to Know YOU where we take a look at what words people are typing into Google and somehow arriving at ImBringingBloggingBack. People are nuts. Go figure. So enjoy the craziness and my commentary.

  • Lindsay Lohan can’t eat my diaper (of course she can’t when she’s in rehab. duh.)
  • Alex Trebek gossip (really? I mean, “what is really?”)
  • Are you sassing your grandmother? (no, I would NEVER sass my grandmother).
  • Cultural butt size j lo (I don’t even know what that means, but glad I could help!)
  • Everybody gets schools (Oprah must be up to something again)
  • Girl shooting beer out of her ass (happy hour?)
  • Toothless crackwhore (is she single?)
  • Bedazzled prom theme (sounds like a hot prom)
  • Blogging for boobs (wow, this whole time I was just doing it for money)
  • I’m pregnant, cat stopped using litter box (the cat is totally the father)
  • Harriet Carter lead paint (God forbid!)
  • Doing coke from same bag hepatitis (wow, you sound very busy with things right now)
  • What happened to Heidi’s puppy (Heidi got 2 new puppies and 1 new nose)
  • Too old to wear Abercrombie (if you’re even asking, the answer is “yes”)
  • Teri Snatcher (always makes me laugh)
  • Picture of Mickey Mouse sticking middle finger up (if you find this, send it to me)
  • Nell Furtado having sex with Elmo (who’s “Nell Furtado?” Nell Carter maybe. R.I.P)
  • Steve Sanders or Spencer Pratt (looks like my nickname is catching on!)

Celebrity Gossip

Getting to Know YOU!

I present to you another installment of Getting to Know YOU where we take a look at what words people are typing into Google and somehow arriving at ImBringingBloggingBack. People are nuts. Go figure. So enjoy the craziness and my commentary.
  • Bringing back Lindsay skank Lohan the lesbian (that seems like a lot of work)
  • How do you make a cameltoe (Mariah, is that you?)
  • Full House DJ starves herself (great episode, should’ve won an Emmy)
  • How is Brandy doing? (fine, thank you)
  • Kyndra and Cami Halloween costumes (brilliant)
  • Lindsay Lohan in a diaper (before or after the latest DUI?)
  • My friend just got arrested for DUI while riding a bike (Dina? Is your “friend” Lindsay?)
  • Myspace nut punchers (ouch AND why?)
  • Pictures of Tom Brady sneezing (seriously, what does one do with that?)
  • How sluts dress (classy and nice)
  • Legally a midget (yes Mary-Kate, you are)
  • Parking lot gossip (did you hear what the car said to the parking spot?)
  • Uh uh girl (did I just get Google sassed?)

Getting to Know You. And You, My Friends, Are Perverts.

Well it’s Friday so that means useless and random blog posts. Therefore I present to you another installment of Getting to Know YOU where we take a look at what words people are typing into Google and somehow arriving at ImBringingBloggingBack. People are nuts. Go figure. So enjoy the craziness and my commentary.
  • Bringing the blogging back (clearly the Germans are searching Google)
  • Mariah Carey’s clothes fall off (uh, they’re too tight to just “fall off”)
  • Make my dinner bitch (uh-oh, someone is getting a beating tonight!)
  • Jealous bitches hate I’m married (really? you sound sweet)
  • I’m really pissed at my bitch of a siter (how can I help?)
  • Bud Bundy with Bud Light (because that would be awesome)
  • “Messing my pants” (cleanup, aisle 7)
  • Picture of Tim Allen in a speedo (for the love of God, why?)
  • If I wants to become call boy (it’s great to have goals)
  • Should I wear underpants during jogging? (nope)
  • Bitches on myspace (someone is wife-hunting)
  • Celeb eyepatch (why? what will you do with this information?)
  • I’m the girl down your block and in your hood (ok. nice to meet you)
  • Bangs are back (no clue)

Getting to Know YOU

Time for another installment of Getting to Know YOU! Here we take a look at what words people are typing into Google and somehow landing on ImBringingBloggingback. Brilliant. As always, I list out my favorites of the past week and add my own thoughts after. Enjoy it, but not too much.

  • Stripper fraud (it’s a national epidemic)
  • Molester sunglasses (watch out kids!)
  • How do braid because I said so (huh?)
  • Bad luck and bananna boat (what in the hell could have happened to this person?)
  • Bra pops off (oh yeah? then what happens?)
  • Dress like Ellen Degeneres (don’t tell me what to do)
  • Hepatitis soup Pamela Anderson (careful, it’s hot)
  • Kimmy Gibler anorexia (it’s like I’m the official blog for Full House)
  • Little whore on the prairie (a wonderful spinoff)
  • What does Beyonce put “in a box to the left?” (everything you own)
  • Dress like white trash (it’s good to have goals)
  • Anna banana plays the piana all she can do is spilt like an idtiot (are you allowed to drop acid and then Google?)
  • Girl has no respect boobs penis (well that’s what happens when she has boobs penis)
  • Bad celebrity teeth (you know you immediately thought of Jewel)
  • I want lollipops and gummy bears lyrics (who doesn’t?)
  • Mandy Moore celebrity address (run Mandy, run!)
  • Judith Light gossip (probably searched by Judith Light)
  • What is second base? (I smell a skaaaaaank!)

As an overall recap, people still love their porn and cameltoe, but this week more and more people were searching for anything and everything “The Hills” related. As a side note, people who search are crazy and angry. Awesome!

Getting to Know You and You

Well, it’s back again folks. A little segment you’ve been enjoying called Getting to Know YOU in which I shed a little light onto how many of you have come to find my site. Here are some of the words that your typing into “the Google” and somehow landing on good old ImBringingBloggingBack. Let’s see what this week brings us (with my additional commentary, of course). Please keep in mind these are not jokes (sadly) and I’m definitely starting with my favorite:
  • “Maybe if I Google this in “getting to know you” in I’m Bringing Blogging Back and then I will be famous and I could finally go to rehab with Lindsay Lohan” (Your written thoughts have paid off and you have made it onto my site. Enjoy rehab. P.S, tell Lindsay that the freckles symbolize the journey of a whore)
  • Prison bitches (Thanks Paris!)
  • I’m Bringing the Blog Back (Nice name, retard)
  • Z snaps (Sassin’ while typing?)
  • Ashley Olsen whit a brown hair (I don’t even know what that means)
  • Celebrity watches the one that beep (Is this the same retard typing in all of these?)
  • How to dress like an elderly (Caution: Diddler Alert, Diddler Alert)
  • Bee sting boobs (Ouch! Bzzzzz)
  • Laurie Ann and boom cats (boom cat, boom boom cat!)
  • You can take all these tricks up my sleeve, I don’t need them anymore (Sweet! Free tricks!)
  • Fat bitch fights (What can I say? People love bitches)
  • Who wants to stay sober these days anyway (Lindsay, clearly Googling from Promises Rehab)
  • My wife in the barbers chair white nylon cutting cape on (Huh? Oh wait. I get ya)
  • Please write a funny letter about the life of a salesman in the oil patch (Of course I will. What does that mean?)
  • Why are Friday’s crazy (Because your mother is a whore. Just sayin…)
  • Sabado Gigante nipple slips (ay! ay! ay! ay!)
  • I’m going to be homeless (at least you’ll have a kick ass tan)
  • Perming the hair with beer cans (Must be Prom season at the trailer park!)
  • The Yankees still suck (Agreed)
  • How to get Jessica Alba ass (When you find out, please share)
Another fruitful week of searches. Clearly, people still love porn and typing in mindless questions to Google, hoping that someone will answer. Well, I’ve answered. Until next time….

Getting to Know YOU, Again

Back by popular demand is Getting to Know YOU, a new little segment that takes some of the best phrases and/or questions that people type into Google and somehow arrive at ImBringingBloggingBack. Here’s some of my favorites from the past week:
  • Rihanna’s forehead (see what I’ve started!?)
  • Harriet Carter model (poor “failure model chick”)
  • Jessica Simpson on a horse (huh?)
  • Nursing home slut (Nana?)
  • Paris gave Cher’s son herpes (ouch)
  • Hot bitches and beer (clearly I have a classy audience)
  • What culture is Cami on Laguna Beach (huh? what culture? what does that even mean?)
  • Nosy is a disease, get well soon bitch tshirt (Harriet must sell this)
  • How do I find Jessica from Laguna Beach (uh, should I report this to the police?)
  • Sluts of Mexico (why the hell not)
  • Eat your honey thongs (sure)
  • Is Ali Lohan Jojo? (yes, it’s like that episode of The Brady Bunch when Peter played two roles)
  • Steve Sanders and Heidi (brilliant!)

An interesting “learning of the week” is that over 500 people got to ImBringingBloggingBack by typing in their favorite celebrity with the word “cameltoe” after it. Brilliant, yet scary.

Getting to Know YOU

I always seem to get questions emailed to me wanting to know more about me and my life, etc. I try to answer as many of your emails as I can, but spending your days hunting the streets of NYC for the Olsen skanks his basically a full-time job. So now I’m turning the tables with a new little segment called, “Getting to Know YOU.” Notice how the “you” is in all caps? Yeah, that’s how I roll. So what is “Getting to Know You” you ask? Good question. Through the magic of websites I can tell how every visitor has arrived to my site. While most visitors are just typing ImBringingBloggingBack into their browser, many arrive from other websites and then there is my most favorite visitor; the visitor who arrives to IBBB via a search engine (Google, Yahoo!, etc). So what words are they typing in to randomly arrive here? Well let’s take a look. Oh, please note these are legit things that people have typed in over the past month to get here. No joke, yet it is funny:

  • Natasha mail order bride, America’s Next Top Model
  • Have Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s boobs gotten bigger?
  • Celebrity Cameltoe
  • Lindsay Lohan farts
  • How to catch hepatitis
  • I love Misty 120′s
  • Is Fergie white?
  • Cathy Santone
  • Carpet match the drapes
  • Oprah wears a chain belt
  • Cami’s boobs
  • What does Judge Judy think of Rosie O’Donnell
  • The hell with it, get divorced
  • Tractor suspenders
  • Inflatable pelican
  • Bozo hula hoop
  • Excuses for a black eye
  • Charo as a frog
  • Wearing a hat at a AA meeting

….and finally, my personal favorite for the week:

  • Is it good to vomit?

Wow there are some sick people out there, me being one of them. Don’t believe me about any of the above? Search Google and see for yourself. Brilliant. Sick bastards.