Boom Kack, Boom Boom Kack is Back!

Alright alright! Santa has been answering my prayers in overdrive lately. The latest was my prayer to Santa Christ asking that he bring back my favorite reality character Laurieann Gibson, or more commonly known as, “boom kack” from Making the Band. Well thanks Santa because boom kack is coming back to Making the Band 4 […]

Boom Kack! Boom, Boom, Kack!

I won’t lie, up until about 2 months ago I thought it was “Boob Cat, Boom Boom Cat.” To me, “Cat” just makes more sense, but I digress. Anyway, the best character on Making the Band was always Lori Ann Gibson, the choreographer. Everyone else on the show is just background noise. After Lori Ann […]

Diddy Throws Chair at Boom Boom Cat?

Diddy runs the city. Allegedly Diddy also throws chairs. If there’s one you know about me it’s that I think there is nothing better than “boom cat, boom boom cat” from MTV’s Making the Band. What a real Monday treat it was for me when I read that “boom cat, boom boom cat” (choreographer Laurie […]