Amy Fisher Doesn’t Care Mary Jo Has Permanent “Side Mouth.” Even More Shocking, Amy is a Millionaire.

It’s great when an attempted murderer does some jail time, fast forwards about 15 years, and then still shows no remorse for her doings. High class Amy Fisher says she feels “no sympathy” for Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Wow. Even though it looks like Mary Jo is always on the verge of saying, “pork-chops and applesauce?” […]

Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher Doing Reality Show. Finally, TV Worth Watching!

Joey Buttafuoco has completed his jail time for weapons charges and is rumored to be filming a “romantic” reality show with Amy Fisher. Awww that is sweet. They can be like, “Hey remember that time when I was cheating on my wife and then you shot her in the face? Yeah, the was sooo romantic […]