Couples Therapy Tweetcap: Farrah’s Secret May Be a Matter of National Security



On a whim I decided to Live Tweet VH1’s Couple’s Therapy last night.  It’s really like a Make a Wish for all of you who request that I come to your house and watch bad reality television with you and, you know, comment aloud.  Since no one has sent me a plane ticket and airport car service voucher, I figure this was our next best bet.  If you missed the Live Tweetcap, check out some of the Tweets below from last night.  And be sure to join me on “The Twitter” so we can chat all the live-long-day.  Just search for the Twitter button that I’ve slapped all around this b*tch.



  1. dacabsarehere says:

    An Ana Mae joke never gets old. I always giggle a little.

  2. So Farrah can’t talk about her big secret on TV but can sell the story to the tabloids? Seems legit. The clapping was glorious.

  3. WOW….can you say CRAZY PANTS?!?! What type of douche bag goes off on a young woman like that? JESUS! WHO RAISED YOU?? My Lord!! You talk SOOOOO much shit but would date her in a min if you got the chance. Guys like you who spew hateful bs about women are sooo transparent. Might as well wear a sign that reads “I’ve been rejected by more girls than I could possibly ever count”. Seriously. Its sad. You’re showing your hand. Don’t be so desperate for attention and get some jokes that are ACTUALLY funny and not corny as f-ck

  4. This is a horrible horrible blog. I’m pissed I wasted the past 3 min on it. Seriously….WHATEVER YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE….don’t blog. You suck

  5. so basically what you’re explaining by your below disclaimer is that this blog is completely pointless. right….wow! this is just seriously bad. if none of your info is true then WTF would anyone waste their time reading it? STUUUUPID! Wow….seriously I’m speechless. BUT didn’t expect more from a douche…I mean dude

  6. leah's lah-yer says:

    Oh god, this made me so happy. I love this stupid show.