Harriet Carter Product of the Week: Sluttin’ For the Holidays


Last week we had Diddle Fingers and this week, thanks to the fashonista who failed at becoming a Maxxinista at Harriet Carter, we are happy to introduce you to Slut Fingers:  Holiday Edition.  Ho ho ho.  Literally.  Christmas is just under 8-months away so now is the perfect time to start figuring out just how skanky you can make the happiest time of year.  Clearly Rod Roddy is rolling over in his oversized bedazzled grave because one of Barker’s Beauties escaped the 70’s porn-inspired set and landed a photo shoot at he Harriet Carter headquarters.  I’m sure you’re thinking this was pre-dirt nap Anna Nicole modeling and after researching it for around 11 seconds I realized I was wrong too.  Although this chick is totally looking at us saying, “You wantmy booooody?  You wantsome moooooney?  You want a viiiiiper?”  As a wise woman once said, “TrimSpa baby.”  Also, this chick is totally pantsless and I’m sure she has a mistletoe  hanging just north of the cameltoe.

Since she’ll most likely be thumbing a ride with truckers on I-95 and providing countless hours of road-head in absentia (graduation day bonus word!) of actual legal US currency, it’s only fitting that her nails look like candy-canes and are just as long as most of the people who apply to appear on Hoarders.  Cut nothing.  I’m actually not sure whose hands those are, but my money is on the fluffer.  And you can totally tell she’s a great actress because her eyes are saying, “I got my nails done.  Here are my hands.  Both of them.  Look at them.  Buy this product.”  The oddly tiny Santa hat barely staying on the side of her head really conveys the message of, “I live in a rusty dumpster all year round and have a tea party with the mice.  This is Eeeek’s hat.”  Oh, and there must be extra money around the “studio” during this “shoot” for a hair and makeup person because someone has taken the time to perfect the “Gretchen Rossi I’m Too Old to Have Hair This Blond With Giant Curls” look.  Nailed it.  Again, probably literally.

Clearly the target market for these nail is the OC as well as those part of the deep south wear tumbleweed blows by on the regular.  You know which parts I’m talking about.  It’s the same parts where middle-aged women living in trailers have webcams and “get sexy” for pervs on the other end, assuming this is what the “American Dream” is all about.  And you know what?  It is.  It really is.  So the next time you’re hanging decorative candy canes on your Christmas tree for your loving little children I want you to stop and think for a second, “Am I slutty enough?”  If you even doubt you are then I want you to press on these nails, put on your boots, and head out to I-95 for a little holiday “mommy fun.”  Merry Christmas everyone…except to those who don’t believe in Jesus….then I wish you fun spending eternity in hell with Tony Danza.  Most likely.  I don’t know.

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  2. Carolyna says:

    “Cut nothing” now that’s a gem!

  3. Not Goggles says:

    That picture looks so weird.. I think those hands were just Photoshopped in there.

  4. QueenofCorona says:

    Looks like something Danielle Staub should be hocking, the design should be called, “Stripper Red Handy (Job) Cane from a Prostitution Whoorah” and if you call now I’ll throw in a matching pole and g-string.

  5. Oh Patrick, you made me Friday :)

  6. MY Friday, not me Friday. Clearly, I need a vacation…maybe somewhere far, far, away where the tumbleweeds blow.

  7. Shes saying, With these hands and this mouth your gonna have a good 2 minutes. That is what the shoot was for right?

  8. So glad it contains 14 pieces….I can usually only find sets of 10 press on nails and that looks weird since I have 4 extra digits. I like them all covered in style.

  9. That's what she says:

    Those cannot be her real hands….they look like they belong to someone else….and who does that with their hands? Unless you are voguing of course…so, did you photoshop that hat on her head?