Most Shocking? Gary Coleman Can Afford a Limo??

Gary Coleman lost his sh*t while on The Insider the other day fielding questions about his alleged assault that he was arrested for recently.  In typical “Insider” panel moments, Gary is pushed to the point of freak-out, tells everyone to go F themselves, and then walks off the stage.  Actually, it almost looks like he tripped off the stage but, well, it was dark, and he is “petite” so it may have just been a “jump down.”

While this whole situation is ridiculous, the most shocking part for me was when the voice-over said that Gary left the stage and headed towards his limo.  His limo.  Limo.  Gary Coleman.  Limo.  Gary Coleman’s limo.  Gary’s limousine.  Coleman’s limo.  Arnold’s limo.  Arnold Jackson’s limo.  Limo.  Huh?


  1. no dummie. Guests of shows are always picked up by a limo and when it ends the limo takes them home.