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Gary the Hairy Fairy and the Case of Farrah’s First Ugly Cry

Is it just me or is Teen Mom on for an hour, but there are about 46 minutes of commercials?  It's like we watch Amber curled up on the couch looking out the window and then they go to commercial.  Then they come back and Catelynn is laying on her bed...and then they go to commercial.  Either way, it's the greatest show on television. This week we learn that if it's one thing that Amber and Gary … [Read the Rest...]

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Teen Mom Recap: The One Where Leah Learns Her Sister is an Accident

I wanted to title this one "The One Where Everyone is Pregnant" but I just figured that was a given since if it's one thing we've learned from 25 years of Teen Mom … [Read More...]

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teen mom gary's recliner 2015

Teen Mom OG Recap: Amber Tours the Country As Gary Reclines

> Follow Me on Twitter & Facebook to Continue the Teen Mom Conversation! < Well hello my good people of Teen Mom.  So we meet again.  This week is filled … [Read More...]

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teen mom gary tickles amber 2015

Teen Mom OG Recap: Meet Gary the Tickle Monster

>> Follow Me on Twitter & Facebook to Continue the Teen Mom Conversation! << I know I've said that Gary and Amber were basically the Roseanne and Dan Connor of our generation and, well, they basically do live in Lanford, but as time … [Read More...]


Teen Mom OG Recap: Presenting 6″ Eyelash Portwood

I missed the live Tweeting of Teen Mom last night since I was flying the friendly skies and getting back from a much needed vacation. But if it's one thing I do know (besides Spanish now) it's that nothing brings the country back together quite like … [Read More...]


RHOBH Recap: Table Flip 2.0

Was anyone else as psyched as me to get to this episode finally?!  If you answered "yes" then I look forward to seeing you in the losers meeting this coming Friday.  Say hello.  Anygarb, this week we continue on with Yolander's childhood tour in … [Read More...]


RHOBH Recap: The Pointless Scavenger Hunt to Amsterdam

I'm not going to lie.  I barely understood what this episode was about.  I feel like the producers drank an entire bottle of bourbon and then just started piecing scenes and ideas together.  I want to meet the person who was in the pitch meeting and … [Read More...]


RHOBH Recap: Real Housewives of the Stranger at the Pentagon

Is it wrong to say that even though Kim may be on a substance...or off a substance...or even under a substance...she still looks good. In fact, I'd wager a bet to say that this is the best she's looked since this pesky little show started. … [Read More...]


#RHOBH Recap: The Lurker in the Garage

As long as there's a chance that Kim is doing dismounts off her wagon, I'll be here to recap this junk again.  As soon as she goes on the straight and narrow I'll reevaluate my life in its entirety.  This week we continue on with the poker fight from … [Read More...]

rhobh kim richards ornery real housewives of beverly hills drunk 2015

RHOBH Recap: Kim is Ornery…Ornery Sauced.

Well look at us.  Back together.  For the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Now I haven't recapped a RHOBH episode in a while as I had a firm stance on the show not being worth while anymore once Kim sobered up.  Personally, I feel like a life of … [Read More...]


Vanderpump Rules Recap: The Case of the Miami Bachelorette Party and NYPD Blue Ass Shots

Everyone make sure your have a direct line to your local clinic because it's time for Scheanna's bachelorette party in Miami!  Super original.  The only cliche missing from this trip was a stopover at Planet Hollywood for a sampling of Demi Moore's … [Read More...]


Vanderpump Rules Recap: Second Verse Same as the First

It's another week of The Hills Reunion and I couldn't be happier.  Eh, I could be happier if Elodie Otto stopped on by to knock some sense into these chumps like she did with Heidi circa 2008, but I digress.  This week all the guys will be playing … [Read More...]


Vanderpump Rules: Katie’s Motorboating Her Way Into America’s Heart

Some people ask me how I can watch Vanderpump Rules every week.  I usually reply with any of the following: You don’t know me! I don’t go to your job at Fashion Bug and knock the clearance rack outta your hands Because the Pilgrims fought … [Read More...]


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: It’s 2014. Stop Calling it a “White Party”

Thanks to all who joined me for a little live-tweeting of the season premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  And a special thank you to Andy Cohen who retweeted me during said event.  And by "Andy Cohen" I of course mean "his assistant who … [Read More...]


Vanderpump Rules Recap: When Everyone Gets Suspended Over Sangria

Therapy Looks Fun:  There's so much going on in this episode and by that I really mean that Kristen continues her long march towards continuous self destruction.  Before we get to that, however, watching Jax go to "therapy" reminds me of the pain we … [Read More...]