Teen Mom 2: Jenelle’s Gonna Put Her Own Nose in the Corner If She Can’t Get to the Gym

Jenelle - Apparently moving day lasts 6-weeks because Jenelle and David are still moving into their new house.  Oh, and did I mention that the phrase that pays is "the land."  These two are really loving having "the land" and a house on "the land" and a place like "the land."  I mean, what's so great about the land?  Is it like an ancient burial ground?  Can they eventually build a casino on it? … [Read the Rest...]

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Teen Mom 2: Briana Wants to Sell Her Baby to Brandon and Theresa

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Teen Mom 2 Season Premiere Recap: Jenelle, Like Kesha, is About to Blow

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Teen Mom Recap: Hypnotize Me to Stop Watching This

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Teen Mom Recap: The Episode Where All the Fun Happens

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