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Teen Mom Recap: Loose Lips Skank Ships

  Farrah - Looks like someone may be gearing up for their next 'accidental' celebrity sex tape because Farrah inflated her lips up a couple of thousands notches.  Everyone has been freaking out on my Facebook page last night (click here to follow me!) about how big they are, but I say they're not big enough.  I say keep 'em going until a simple pin could pop them and then confetti shoots … [Read the Rest...]

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Nicole, Amber's Cellmate, Teen Mom OG

Teen Mom Recap: Like Santa Claus, Amber’s Cellmate Nicole is Coming to Town

Another week, another Teen Mom in crisis.  This week we all get to attend Amber's 26th surprise party, blame a pig for a breakdown, and awkwardly sit in a boat with … [Read More...]

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Teen Mom OG: The One Where Easter Exploded and a Pig Caused a Breakdown

Some people are sick of Teen Mom, but not me.  Nope. I say keep 'em coming.  I mean what else do I have going on?  This week we get to see Leah make Amber feel like … [Read More...]

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Teen Mom OG Recap: Amber Heads to Boston!!!

Farrah - A lot may be going on in Farrah's life, but that doesn't mean she can't find the time to get a colonoscopy and visit Daddy Derrick's gravesite (again) on camera.  Because if it's one thing we really need to know more about in regards to … [Read More...]


Teen Mom OG: The One Where Farrah Has 10 Jobs in One Episode

Well folks, Teen Mom OG is back!  Let's just jump right into last night's episode because you know how this all works.  Ole! Farrah - Everything is making complete sense in Farrah's world.  Larry the producer is back in action and ready to film … [Read More...]


Being Butch Recap: Butch Loves Coke More Than Tyler & I Love Butch More Than Life

Well apparently MTV is just taking requests from me at this point.  Last week we had the second coming of Christ in the "Being Barbara" special and now we have "Being Butch."  While I'm putting things out there to MTV, how about:  Being Suzi (on a … [Read More...]


Being Barbara Recap: The Laugh Heard Round the World

If you were ever looking for a sign of hope in the world during these troubling times, well, it appeared last night.  I truly believe one day we will equate this to when those two little girls saw the Virgin Mary appear to them in Fatima.  You know … [Read More...]


Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Tells Jace the Tale of How Barb Became His Mother

Well folks, we're at yet another season finale for Teen Mom 2.  It seems like just 200 episodes ago the season started and now we're at the close.  While we're all shedding tears over that, it can only mean that Teen Mom OG must be right around the … [Read More...]


Teen Mom 2 Recap: The One Where Barb Basically Is a Doctor

Jenelle - We're fresh off the showdown between David ('the worst boyfriend she's evvvah had!') and Barb (the wind beneath our wings) and this time around Jenelle wants to try and pretend it never happened and she wants to talk to Barb because, you … [Read More...]


Teen Mom 2 Recap: The One Where Barb is Ready to Rumble

Welcome back folks!  We had a nice little break while I was away and then MTV showed a repeat the second week, which made my heart squeal with delight. I missed you all and none of you all at the same time.  I jest.  Let's get right into … [Read More...]


Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Brings Out the Tears, Brings Out the Funk

Jenelle - Oh hi, Jenelle.  This week Jenelle gives a fully thought-out presentation to her lawyer on the 5 steps she's planning on taking to get Jace back.  I'm kidding, she basically tried to figure out ways to use her son to get criminal charges … [Read More...]


Teen Mom 2 Recap: Leah’s Flirting Style Symbolizes the End of Days

Welcome back my friends of Ye Old Teenage Mother!  Let's recap our way to freedom... Jenelle -  Barb is such a barrel of laughs (and possible monkeys) in this episode.  She's so young and carefree.  I wonder if she's been contacted by Dancing With … [Read More...]


Teen Mom 2: Jenelle’s 6 Minute Old Relationship Just Moved In

Jenelle - Oh hi, Jenelle.  Apparently I missed an episode or a season because after dating David for what seems like the in-between-time during The Walking Dead seasons, Jenelle asks him to move in with her.  Might as well just suction cup out your … [Read More...]


Teen Mom 2: The One Where a Human Beaver Raises Leah’s Kids, Y’all!

Well here we are again.  It seems like just 7 days ago we all together.  Oh wait.  Math is tough.  Anyway let's just get right into it. Who fought?  Who lost their kids?  Who isn't a teen anymore?  I'll answer none of that and less. More:  35+ … [Read More...]

Teen Mom 2 Leah Falling Asleep 2016 - 2017

Teen Mom 2: The One Where Leah Just Needs a Little Siesta

  Leah - Welcome back to the crossover episode where Intervention meets Hoarders, you know, mixed in with a little Judge Judy of sorts, y'all!  In case you were wondering if Leah's kids were still hungry or thirsty from last episode...they … [Read More...]