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RHONJ Recap: Christmas Before Prison Never Been Sicker

We're celebrating the Christmas season (and no other religious celebration) in New Jersey this week.  Truth be told, every day is like Christmas when you're in New Jersey.  I mean, I just hear that.  I will, of course, never set foot in that state as I am allergic to hair gel and gold chains.  Allegedly.  I'll sue myself.  Either way, everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit and we know this … [Read the Rest...]

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48 Things You Need To Know from the Teen Mom 2 Season Premiere

Seems like the perfect night to live-tweet a little #TeenMom2. See you in 10!— IBBB (@ibbb) July 17, 2014 Welcome to the new season of #TeenMom2. There is … [Read More...]

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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Jersey is the New Black

What seems like the amount of time it takes for Mad Men to come back on the air, RHONJ is finally back!  And the first thing I want to know is the same as what … [Read More...]

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Catfish Recap: With Special Guests Oprah and Gayle!

What the hell happened on Catfish last night?  First off, why the hell was it on Tuesday?  And 17th of all, I honestly feel like I would have to watch it 11 more times before I actually understood what happened.  Unless they're going to start drawing … [Read More...]


Catfish Recap: 20 Things You Need to Know About Jeff, Megan, Brandy and Popeye

1.  Our contestant, Jeff, is from the part of Florida where pro sports players and the common man are allowed to kill people: Jeff is a sailor and met his online love, Megan, when she "accidentally" friended him on Facebook.  Oops!  Also, can people … [Read More...]


The Best Final Jeopardy Response I’ve Seen in a While

Last night on "The Jeopardy" as I like to call it we got to meet Ari, a contestant who apparently is also a comedy writer of sorts.  This really gives me hope that one day I can appear on Jeopardy (Teen version only) and win tens of dollars and/or a … [Read More...]


You’re Once, Twice, Three Times a Catfish

Similar to Joyce DeWitt, each week Catfish seems to reinvent themselves.  This week we're lucky enough to visit the island of Minnesota, where bears do sex to each other to keep warm in the winter.  Allegedly.  I don't need bears suing me for roar … [Read More...]


You Won’t Believe What Sinead O’Connor Looks Like Today!

In "I don't know where to file this" news, apparently Sinead O'Connor has a new album coming out in August and a new little photo shoot to boot!  More importantly, did you know that Sinead is now 47 years old and has 4 kids?!  That's right, folks, … [Read More...]


Catfish Recap: Because Myspace Was Built for Catfishing

Figure out your A/S/L because it's time for another crapisode of Catfish!  The episodes are like the Flintstone's movies...they can never make enough.  This week we meet Solana who, of course, works at a salon(a) and may or may not be a reject from … [Read More...]


Brian Williams Rapping “Baby Got Back” is the New Iggy Azalea

Since I'm elderly and go to bed at what appears to be 8:30 after a nice Laverne & Shirley rerun on TV Land, waking up to watching Brian Williams rapping "Baby Got Back" from The Tonight Show last night is really the perfect way to start my … [Read More...]


10 Worst Father’s Day Gift Ideas Discovered on Pinterest

1.  Kleen Stride Personal Debris Removal System Because if he can move...he can clean.   2.  The Toilet Mug Because....poop jokes. 3.  TEMPTOOTH Do-It-Yourself Tooth Replacement Because I'm pretty sure this is the future of … [Read More...]


Catfish Recap: Beelzebub and the Chat Room Nerd Herd

I think this crapisode should be titled "Back to Basics" because it really focuses on why we fell in love with this show in the first place.  I feel comfort in the fact that we live in a world where in 2014 people are still meeting the "loves of … [Read More...]


QUIZ: Which Teen Mom Dad is Yours?

Just in time for Father's Day (this Sunday!), now you can find out exactly which Teen Mom dad is yours.  Please note this is not a legally biding quiz.  However, based on the results you may want to send your new daddy a little something. Which … [Read More...]


Catfish: So This is Just One Giant Tracie Thoms Audition Tape, No?

When you don't have an online relationship that's in the toilet, but are a struggling actress and still want some camera time, then Catfish is the place to be.  Gone are the days where you need to be 16 and pregnant, you can now be pushing 30 and … [Read More...]


goop May Be a goon, But Here’s Why I Agree With Gwyneth Paltrow and What Everyone is Missing

Thanks to the magic of Facebook I've seen everyone ripping on Gwyneth Paltrow for  a recent blog she posted on her site about how negativity can change the structure of water. Every site that's picking it up is teeing off on her.  No joke, I couldn't … [Read More...]